NN-DMT Vape Cart 5x1ML (5x1000mg) 5 Cartridge SPECIAL DEAL!!


$520.00 $500.00


Buy DMT cartridge online ( NN-DMT Vape Cart 5x1ML (5x1000mg) 5 Cartridge ) Highest Quality, Most Potent our ORGANIC DMT Vape Carts! (no chemicals used from growing the bush to putting it in the cartridge, all process is chemical free) We have mastered the way of extracting DMT so we don’t have to use any toxic chemicals which makes everything easy, and yield to be significant bigger, we enjoy taking it slow. Our process takes about a week or so, as to compare to chemical way which lets you get DMT out of the plant in 1-2 days.


-Carts are top quality, no leaks, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

-Carts are 1ML each! (due to its high concentration of DMT , content might crystallize in lower temperatures. you can use lighter or hair drier to heat it up to turn it back into the liquid form )

-These are most potent carts from our arsenal, (newest-most expensive formula) it is double the potency from our regular best selling carts.

-Works well with most any battery, but works best with a battery with variable voltage and on around 3.7v, higher than 4v may risk burning out the coil in which case you can transfer the liquid to a new empty cart). You can buy a battery at your local vape shop for super cheap that works well, but don’t get the cheapest one, as they sometimes don’t make it hot enough to get a quick breakthrough, so extra hits or battery replacement needed.

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