NEW Colombian Jet Set Cocaine 95% Pure Jungle Brick


$170.00 $140.00


This is 95% Colombian PURE Fishscale Cocaine. It is a pure white powder, it does NOT stink of bullshit fake cuts. This is as pure as it gets, fluffy white cocaine that will turn into oil if rubbed in the fingers. This product is GREAT FOR COOKING.. Give this to a crackhead and he will fucking love it. Cook the product and you will see for yourself. Anybody who says there is cocaine more than 96% is lying if you wash the cocaine and it comes back 0.95g from 1g you can be sure that your shit is full of ‘MAGIC CUT’ which comes back. Sniff the product and again you will get a lovely euphoric feeling not to much of a raised heart beat and no blocked nose the next day. The photo you see is the actual brick before we blend it and send it abroad. You will NOT have seen this brick unless you live in South America and are extremely well connected because it comes from the lab.

This is mostly used in Jet-Set circles, also in elite clubs around Manchester and London. It has PRADA stamp on the brick, which symbolizes LUXURY and QUALITY!

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