MDMA Crystal (Recrystallized, Purified, Powdered)


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We want to present you our buy recrystallized purified mdma, powdered for safety reasons (package will be as flat as possible).

Our MDMA is shipped with additional necessary vacuum packaging and with proper methods to ensure there is completely no smell that could be picked up by drug sniffing dogs or detectors.

Please note that the current batch is purified, white fluffy powder. Picture resembles the previous batch, but this one looks basically the same.

Product has been tested by our team and friends several times, and the outcome is very promising.


  • 60-70mg : enough for sensitive and/or low weight folks. A nice, mellow experience for normal users.
  • 80-120mg : typical dose for average users, who had previous experience with MDMA
  • 120mg+ :  we don’t recommend such doses because they increase the body load and comedown, but some heavy weight or insensitive trippers might need to go that way. As always, know your body and know your mind 🙂

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