1000 Mg Quality DMT Crystal


$110.00 $100.00


Buy DMT crystals online almost have no scent, until you smoke it! Also no acetone or any other harmful compound has been used, which is destructive for your health. If you used it before, you will notice that this form is far better smokable, not so burning to the lungs! This is the REAL psychedelic, google “the spirit molecule”. Because it can’t be tested for purity,I can guarantee you that this is the real deal! The product can vary in color, from almost white to a bit yellow.

Tips for use

Best and most efficient way is to use a high end vaporizer. If you must smoke it normally, don’t use a direct flame, as it will destroy the compound in milliseconds. Use a pipe and heat up the metal tip, when you see vapor, inhale very slightly but steadily, until your lungs fill up. Keep it in as long as possible. You will feel the effects almost immediately, but for the best trip smoke it until there is no vapor left. Then let the gods take you, where you need to be 🙂 For easier use, We also have Changa for sale ! This can be very spiritual, most certainly if you thought about some inner questions or goals you want to achieve. This really opens doors to your soul and a lot can be learned through these trips.

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