1 G El Chapo VIP Flake Cocaine Black On EZ! 94% Pure


$170.00 $140.00


Quality is what your paying for and quality is what your getting!! This is 1.0g CLEAN COLOMBIAN COCAINE. This is from our new source and its strong clean uncut coke. The product visually comes normally more powdery as it is sent from abroad in smaller amounts and is crushed up for stealth purposes to ensure it arrives from source therefore sometimes it will be powdery and sometimes in small rocks. Visually it looks the part and is very oily between the fingers. It has been washed so the product in terms of purity its right up there!This coke gives a strong euphoric, chatty and focused high, with out the need for constant re-dosing. Because the product is pure and not cut with rubbish you are able to sleep well and it will not aggregate your nose.

We do not mess with the product it comes straight from our foreign source and we only touch it to weigh.

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